KOLD.™ bottles are designed for everyday use, as well as for those with active lifestyles. Here at KOLD Products, we strive to produce high quality bottles that stay cold for hours, not minutes. KOLD.™ bottles can stay cold for 24 hours+.


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All our bottles use Liquid Temperature Technology™

  • Double walled and vacuum insulated. That means all the air has been sucked out between the walls and there is nothing to transfer heat or cold to the inside. With the vacuum insulation, the outside environment has an extremely hard time affecting the interior of the bottle, and vise versa. That also means no more condensation on the outside of the bottle.

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  • We only use BPA free, premium food grade 18/8 stainless steel. And that on both walls. Using 18/8 stainless steel helps to prevent odor absorption and rust. So you choose your liquid of choice and we've made sure that you will always get the true flavor of your drink.

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  • Our lids are leak-free. We made sure all our measurements are precise. So feel confident in throwing your full bottle in your gym bag without your clothes getting wet, or using it as a paper weight in your office. It won't leak.

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